Thursday, May 9, 2013


Some people may think that it's stupid when I use the word, "supermom" to describe myself.  The funny thing is that I'm not the only one that calls myself a Supermom every now and then!  It's a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction, something that some moms need to get through the crazy days.  Being a mom is definitely not an easy job!  It's a 24/7 job that you are stuck with for life!  Some people give up too easily on the job, some take it too lightly, and some actually put their whole heart in it, no matter how difficult it is!  Some mothers like me are single mothers.  Although I have a boyfriend that helps me raise my son as if he was his own, I still consider myself a single parent because I am the main biological parent that has supported my son from the very beginning!  

From the minute I found out that I was pregnant, I paved a good path for my son.  I took on a full-time job as a Human Resources Manager and kept that job until I realized that I really was raising my son on my own!  Although some people thought that I was completely foolish to demote myself from FT HR manager to PT bakery clerk, I stood by my decision because it meant that I would be spending more time with my son, which is exactly what he needed!  Before my son turned a year old, that's when I made the change.  I made more time for him and I felt like I was being a better mom by giving him my time more than my money. Lucky for me, my parents helped me financially from afar so that I could give my son more mommy-son time.  Not only did I gain more precious moments with my son, but I also gained a skill from the PT position that I took.  Baking skills were the best thing that I learned from it all!  I've made my son's birthday cake since he was 2 years old.  Sometimes, I'd have him help me decorate cupcakes and cookies.  All children need is quality time with their parents.  Money can't buy love.  

Speaking of time, I feel bad sometimes for working and going to school, but I try to work my schedule around his.  Sometimes work wants me to give them more time, but in reality, my son is the one that deserves more attention.  I trained myself to only do homework once my son is in bed because he's always showing me things that he makes for me.  Lately, he wants to read to me before bedtime.  Those moments are the memories that I want to keep forever.  I am so glad that I've tried my best to give my son some attention.  Although there can be some frustrating times, I just need to take a deep breathe and realize that he's giving me all that attention because he truly loves me.  Over the last couple weeks, with quizzes and papers and finals, I've managed to still give my son the love he needs.  I'm so proud of myself this semester because I feel like I'm finally finding that balance in my life where everything feels so smooth flowing.  The reward that I get for being a mom is priceless, hugs, kisses and homemade gifts every day.  I don't ask for presents, but my son brings something home from school just for me every time I pick him up.  Sometimes, when I work late, I come home to a cute little note or art project that says, "I love you, mom."  It melts my heart to see little things like that and I forget all the stress from earlier.  

I'm not saying that a Supermom has to do everything that I do: work, go to school, and care for my child.  Any mom that gives her children undivided attention is a Supermom.  Military wives are constantly doing everything for their family, especially during deployments.  I have a cousin and friends that are so strong for their kids when their husbands are gone for long period of time.  That strength is power.  I give all those military moms so much credit for their strength and courage.  To the single moms that are playing mommy AND daddy, you are the best thing in your child's life!  You give twice the amount of love because you are making up for the other parent.  If you feel like crying, you don't show it.  You just put on that brave face and show them you love them more than anything in the world.  Some mothers have to work to support their kids, and sometimes it is a sacrifice of long hours and time away from your kids, but you do it because you HAVE to.  Some moms choose to go to school to give their children a better life.  No matter what, every kind of mom has a quality in them that makes them a Supermom because at the end of the day, they do anything and everything to make their children feel loved, protected, and taken care of.  

With mothers day coming up, I think of all the moms out there that have gone through the different struggles in life while putting on that brave face just for their children.  Life isn't easy.  Being a mom isn't just a job.  It's a lifestyle that you choose since the beginning.  Sometimes your happiness comes second, but in the end, it's all worth it.  So, all you moms out there, when you feel like you just want to give up, look into your children's eyes and see that you are their inspiration, role model, and teacher.  They need you in their lives to show them the way.  Behind every amazing child is an amazing mother.  Show the world that you are a Supermom and you are proud to be one!

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