Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sensory Play with kids

What is sensory play and why is it so important for children?  One of the Supermoms, Yvonne, shared a post about sensory play.  According to Amanda Morgan's website,, "Sensory play is really part of the scientific process.  Whether out loud or within the internal dialogue of the mind, children have developed a question, leading them to investigate- by grabbing, smelling, listening, rubbing, staring, licking , what have you!  They are using their senses to collect data and from that, attempt to answer their own questions.  Whether or not young children are always able to verbally communicate this process, it is still a valid exercise in scientific inquiry."

Sensory play is important for younger children because it helps them use their senses to learn new things.  Children like to play.  So when learning is fun, learning comes easier.  I remember when Bry was learning how to count, they used blocks because he loved building things.  Everything that they did was fun and exciting and most importantly, hands-on.  

I realized a difference in teaching methods when my son switched from a private school to a public school.  In a public school, the methods of teaching are more structured and strict.  I am still getting used to the GLO rubric that is used on the report cards.  If you are wondering what the GLO rubric is, here is a site to check it out:

I liked the way the report cards were at his old school because there was a good teacher-student ratio so my son was given the proper time and attention he needed.  Reading about sensory play made me realize that he did so much better in the last school because a lot of their learning methods was hands-on.  They were able to use my son's creativity to help him learn each subject.  

I think that children of any age should engage in some form of sensory play to stimulate their mind.  My son is currently 6 1/2 years old and I try my best to get him things that stimulate his creativity.  Coloring books with numbers and letters helped him learn his alphabet.  The 100th day project was a fun thing to do because he chose to make a caterpillar with 100 pom-poms.  Just allowing a child have fun with what they are doing just makes learning so much easier.

My son loves replicating the pictures on the boxes with his LEGOS

This was his list of what to wear before leaving the house.
He was very proud of his list and I was quite impressed!

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