Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Need a good laugh?

I saw this on my friend's Facebook and decided to share it because everyone else is watching versions of the Harlem Shake, but this was more entertaining for me. :)  Enjoy!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Teen Mom 2

I used to think that reality TV shows were really stupid because I thought that they were all scripted.  My views changed when I watched Teen Mom 2.  I get so emotional watching it because I can relate to so many of those girls' situations.  I gave birth to my son when I was 23 years old on December 8, 2006.  During my pregnancy, during labor and even after my son was born, my son's father was a complete jerk to me.  It sounds stupid but I feel a connection to the girls on the show.  I have followed the girls through all three seasons and I will continue to follow them on their fourth season.

The end of the third season made me cry.  Kailyn is co-parenting with her son's father.  I envy that but I can also relate to her life because I was always wishing that my ex-boyfriend and I would get along for our son's sake.  When I was pregnant and even after I gave birth, I tried so hard to make things work with my ex, even when he treated me so badly by cheating on me and abusing me.  Abuse does not have to be purely physical because I believe that I was so emotionally abused that I still live in fear of him today.  Leah is co-parenting her twins with Corey, which is awesome considering that Corey is trying to be supportive of her decisions, even when she got engaged to someone new after they got divorced.  Her life reminds me of how much I tried to move on from such an abusive relationship.  When I finally met Ben, my boyfriend now, I was in shock from how much respect and love I was given.  Ben made it so much easier for me to move on.  In fact, Ben stood by my side during all my court hearings and even moved back to Hawaii with me.

When I watch the lives of Chelsea and Jenelle, I get very angry because they choose to expose their children to unhealthy lifestyles.  When I watch the abusive relationships that these two girls put themselves through, I wish I could reach through the TV screen and slap them.  At the end of the third season, the father of Jenelle's son called her after two years of no contact.  I know exactly how that feels.  My son barely hears from his dad and what is worse is that my ex gives my son broken promises.  It is so frustrating dealing with a parent that only is there for their child when it's convenient for themselves.  As for Chelsea, I was so proud of her near the end of the third season because she finally stayed away from Adam, her daughter's father.  They had the most emotionally abusive relationship in the show.  He hurt her so bad and she always took him back.  I did that for a whole year before realizing how bad my ex was for my son and me.  Chelsea finally got her life back on track by getting her GED and starting beauty school.

Watching Teen Mom 2 brings back some harsh memories and some deep emotions but it also makes me smile.  I am so proud of myself of going back to college and working so I can take care of my child since I don't receive any child support.  Although my boyfriend, Ben, has been in my son's life for about 5 years now, I still consider myself a single mom because I am the one that is supporting my son.  I am lucky though to have Ben in me and my son's life because he is more of a father to my son than my ex will ever be.  Nowadays, I call my ex the "sperm donor" because that is all he has contributed in my son's life.  It's so sad but I have to do the best I can with what I have.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Self-diagnosis and self-medication

I've been sick for quite a while and I have seen my doctor at least twice within the last couple of months.  I'm beginning to think that I should just try some natural remedies and I looked on the internet to find ways of relief.  Today, lots of people try to self-diagnose themselves with the use of internet sites such as "Web MD" or by googling their symptoms.  

Just by looking up "post-nasal drip remedies," I found pages and pages of results.  Surprisingly, Web MD was third on the list of results.  I found many natural ways to relieve the symptoms that I had and one of those ways was to use something called a Neti Pot.  It's an interesting and weird way of relieving nasal issues.  If you haven't tried a Neti Pot before, it allows you to flush your nasal passages with saline solution.  It relieves your nose for a short period of time.  

I found out how to self-diagnose myself through my friends that are stay-at-home mothers.  They are constantly finding natural foods and natural ways to help their children be healthy without the use of strong medicine.  It's funny how many people rely on the internet for more than just social networking.  

I admit that I looked up what ADHD and ODD is to find some homeopathic remedies for my son.  He's only 6-years-old and I'm trying to stay away from strong medicines such as Ritalin and Adderall.  I've heard that strong drugs can have major side effects and can even stunt your growth.  

It's such a scary world out there and I'm trying my best to be a good mother.  I seem to rely on advice from all my friends that are mothers and also internet sources on how to be a good parent.  Ultimately, parenting comes from experience and trial and error.  Not all children are the same but some parenting methods can be applied to others.  

When it comes to medicine and sickness, everyone has their own way of treating themselves, whether it's by going to a doctor to get some prescription medicine or by looking up natural ways to relieve pain. I do what is best for me and my family.  

Friday, February 1, 2013

Keeping places secure and safe

This week, our class watched Magnum P.I. and it was very interesting seeing how Hawaii was portrayed on television.  As I watched the episode, "Don't eat the snow," I realized that security at the airport and military bases were not as strict as they are today.

I still remember being able to go through security to see my family and friends off at the airport.  We would be able to wait with them at their gates and watch their plane leave.  Today, all we can do is part before security checkpoints because airport employees do not want to risk having a terrorist cause havoc.  It's sad that so many things that were allowed have now been taken away, but I must look at it differently.  The strict security levels are only to protect our nation.

Military bases have always been very strict on their policies, but according to the show, a person with a uniform can easily get on base without having to show their I.D.  It's not that easy to be able to sneak onto a military base and access confidential files without valid proof of identification.

Magnum P.I. has definitely raised my awareness of the changes on Oahu from the past.  I honestly think the nation went through a significant change after 9/11 and it's all for our safety.  Sometimes, we don't realize how much freedom we really had until it got taken away.  I think that certain horrific events lead to a heightened sense of security in many people.  I miss being able to hang out with friends and family until their plane leaves, but I'd rather be protected and safe from any terrorist attacks.