Saturday, December 14, 2013

Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spas

I recently received a #VioletVoxBox from #InfluensterVox and one of the complimentary products for testing was a Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa Mask. It was the Dead Sea Mud Spa. When I first opened the package and pulled out the mask, it was a bit weird because I had to place it on my face where the holes were. I almost put it wrong if I didn't look at the part where my nose was supposed to stick out. If you want something quick and simple, this is perfect for you. It is not as messy as a regular clay mask and easy to clean off.

Check out these sites for more information on the mask and other Montagne Jeunesse products:

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dry shampoo? Pretty awesome!

I signed up for a program called Influenster and I'm pretty impressed so far. They sent me my 2nd box of complimentary products and i have tried 2 products so far during my crazy week before and during finals at college. To be able to say that means that these products are quick and easy.

Here's a picture of my VioletVoxBox from InfluensterVox:

The contents were:
Montagne Jeunesse Spa Mask
Goody Athletique headband
Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo
Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Color
Soy Joy

Out of all of the products, I tried the dry shampoo and soy & fruit bar.

I was in such a rush on Saturday that I tried out the Not Your Mother's dry shampoo before heading out to a party and I really love it! It smells good and made my hair feel refreshed!  Here's a picture so you can judge for yourself!

Today is my first day of finals week. All I can say is, too much stress, too much to do, and not enough time!!! Did I mention that my son's birthday was this weekend too? Talk about SuperMom status full force! So, I've been staying up til 2-3am working on final projects and then all I have time for is a cup of coffee before sending my son off to school. When do I have time to eat breakfast??? Luckily, I remembered the SoyJoy bar in my VioletVoxBox so I tried it out. I love soft granola bars so this soy & fruit bar was exactly what I needed! I had a cranberry flavor. It was quick, easy and yummy! I want to try the dark chocolate cherry bar soon!

Here's a pic of me with the SoyJoy bar. Don't mind my crazy hair. It's finals week. :P

For those of you in college, good luck on finals! If you are always on the go like me, try these two products out! I'm glad I did!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday Bryant!

6 years flew on by.
He's grown up too fast.
Happy 7th birthday to my not-so-little baby boy, Bryant!

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Let me reintroduce myself...

Things have changed since my first blog so I might as well update my introduction.

Hi!  My name is Jackie Tacotaco. I am a mother of a very active 6-year-old boy named Bryant. I am currently attending Hawaii Pacific University to earn a Bachelor's degree in journalism. Being a mom and a college student is not the easiest task in the world but my son is my inspiration. I used to attend HPU back in 2001-2003, but I moved to the mainland for six years. When my son turned two years old, I decided to return to Hawaii and finish my college career. Going back to college was a decision that I made so that I could get a better job and support my son the best way I can. I recently quit my job at Target as a guest service team member and team trainer so that I can take more classes to fulfill my graduation requirements and graduate a year earlier. My mother, father and boyfriend have been very helpful in my recent change in employment, and I thank them so much for their love and support. Even though I have help, I still have the everyday challenge of being a parent. I am the sole caregiver of my son, almost like a single parent, but I try my best each day to love and care for my son. I often call myself "supermom" because of all the different tasks and challenges that I overcome on a daily basis. It's not easy but nobody said that life would be easy! My advice for everyone: no goal is out of your reach because you choose your fate and you can always change your future.