Thursday, May 30, 2013



It's tough to say it, but it's true.  When you have kids, you have to be willing to make sacrifices in order to give them a good life.  If you are a party animal, you have to give that up to be able to feed your children for each meal and to give the love and nurturing that they need to grow healthy and strong.  Some sacrifices might cut into your work or school life.  If you child gets sick, you have to miss work or class just to get them better.  I live with my boyfriend, who is not the father of my child, but he treats my son as if he were his own.   I am forever grateful to have such a caring and loving guy in my home.  He is there to help and support me and my son in any way that he can, but when it comes to medical and legal things with my son, I feel like a single parent.  It's my responsibility to miss work or school when my son is sick.  It's my time that gets affected when it comes to working around my son's school and sports.  If my boyfriend could help with all that, he definitely could, but as the sole parent, I take on all responsibilities and all the sacrifices that come with parenting.  

Planning events around a child is difficult enough when the child is misbehaving, sick, or any other circumstances that might affect attending an event.  To me, there is usually a chance of running late because my son wants to bring something, or something was forgotten so we have to turn the vehicle back around.  When someone is late for an event, and they have their children with them, most times the tardiness is excusable.  If you have a child, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  Some parent are able to get their children out of their house on time.  When I am able to do that, it's because we get ready really early.  

Work.  When can I work?  I schedule my work availability around my son's hectic schedule.  Between school, doctor appointments, and now, karate, my life MUST revolve around my son.  I want to be there to bring him to school and to pick him up to help him with homework.  I used to work evenings, but later realized that my son hardly saw me.  He was acting out in school and was more angry.  The inconsistency in communication with his father also contributed to the bad behavior.  I noticed when I left my evenings to be with my son, things definitely changed.  I realized that although I was not able to work as much, the time spent with my son was more valuable.  If only Bry's father would realize that.  Although I moved away from NH, the time that Bry spent with his father was very little.  It's sad to say that his father was selfish and ignorant, and to this day, I still believe that he has not changed at all since he currently has 3 kids with 3 different girls.  One girl is currently revoking his parental rights, and he is not with any of the mothers to my knowledge.  The last time he wrote a letter to Bryant was actually in January.  Sadly, Bryant has been doing a lot better since then.  When Bry hasn't heard from him in a while, he thinks his dad is in jail.  How sad is it that your own child thinks that the reason why you are not contacting him is because you are in jail?  It saddens me but you can only do so much to make a parent show their love to their children.

I am so glad that I made so many sacrifices.  I remember giving up a full-time human resources manager position to be a part-time bakery clerk just to be able to give my son more parent-child bonding time.  I do not regret that move.  I learned baking skills from it and I make my son's birthday cake every year because of my baking skills.  Sometimes, I think that I sacrificed some things by moving my son to Hawaii, but it was worth the fight.  The courthouse allowed me to move because I chose to go back to school to give my son a better life.  They saw that I was the better parent.  I know some people don't believe in choosing who is the better parent, but in my case, the better parent is the one that actually supports the child financially and emotionally, and I did both wholeheartedly.  When we lived in NH, his father lied so much about where he was and was so inconsistent with child support.  I still remember when he stole money out of his own son's piggy bank just to buy cigarettes or alcohol.  I will never understand those selfish actions.  

Another sacrifice that I've made is sleep.  I think most parents will agree to that!  With work AND school, like I said before, I work my schedule around my son's schedule.  So, when do I have time for schoolwork? When he's sleeping, of course!  As tough as that sounds, I can't do any schoolwork or studying until my son is in bed.  Yes, that means late nights and cramming til possibly 4 am.  It's all worth it because I believe that I am doing it all for him.  I want that degree in my hand.  I want to set a good example.  If I have to be the better parent, the better role model, and the better supporter, I must first be a better person.  Thankfully, I've gotten good grades to make up for those sleepless nights.  Coffee has become my friend when sleep is not an option.  

After all those sacrifices, I am grateful of the outcome.  My son is very smart, caring, and creative.  I support him as much as I can.  I am his biggest fan.  I hope that when he grows up, he will understand and appreciate all the sacrifices that I made just to give him the best life possible.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Longer lashes: Week One- "Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum"

So I participated in this program where I get to try out a product that grows my lashes longer in 16 weeks.  Just got it in the mail today (5/23/13) and I hope that it works!  It's called Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum.  I'm excited to try it out.  Here's to longer lashes!  My son and my boyfriend have long lashes, why can't I?  Let's see how this goes!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sensory Play with kids

What is sensory play and why is it so important for children?  One of the Supermoms, Yvonne, shared a post about sensory play.  According to Amanda Morgan's website,, "Sensory play is really part of the scientific process.  Whether out loud or within the internal dialogue of the mind, children have developed a question, leading them to investigate- by grabbing, smelling, listening, rubbing, staring, licking , what have you!  They are using their senses to collect data and from that, attempt to answer their own questions.  Whether or not young children are always able to verbally communicate this process, it is still a valid exercise in scientific inquiry."

Sensory play is important for younger children because it helps them use their senses to learn new things.  Children like to play.  So when learning is fun, learning comes easier.  I remember when Bry was learning how to count, they used blocks because he loved building things.  Everything that they did was fun and exciting and most importantly, hands-on.  

I realized a difference in teaching methods when my son switched from a private school to a public school.  In a public school, the methods of teaching are more structured and strict.  I am still getting used to the GLO rubric that is used on the report cards.  If you are wondering what the GLO rubric is, here is a site to check it out:

I liked the way the report cards were at his old school because there was a good teacher-student ratio so my son was given the proper time and attention he needed.  Reading about sensory play made me realize that he did so much better in the last school because a lot of their learning methods was hands-on.  They were able to use my son's creativity to help him learn each subject.  

I think that children of any age should engage in some form of sensory play to stimulate their mind.  My son is currently 6 1/2 years old and I try my best to get him things that stimulate his creativity.  Coloring books with numbers and letters helped him learn his alphabet.  The 100th day project was a fun thing to do because he chose to make a caterpillar with 100 pom-poms.  Just allowing a child have fun with what they are doing just makes learning so much easier.

My son loves replicating the pictures on the boxes with his LEGOS

This was his list of what to wear before leaving the house.
He was very proud of his list and I was quite impressed!

For more information on sensory play, visit:

This Facebook page also has ideas for sensory play:

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The many uses of coffee filters!

Coffee Filters?  I didn't realize the many uses of coffee filters until my friend Nalu shared a post on our group page.  I googled the different uses for coffee filters and there are so many!  I read one about odors and I am trying it out right now!  Being in a house with 3 boys will definitely make a girl cringe.  I have a small apartment and the wind blows through our 3rd floor windows quite often, but still there is a certain "boy smell" that I can't avoid.  We recently bought a shoe tree for our shoes and I have started noticing a smell.  It just makes me want to Febreeze it.  I also have sprays but I decided to give this baking soda idea a try.  I read that I can put some baking soda in a coffee filter and place near the area.  This makes a lot of sense since one use of baking soda is to keep a fridge from smelling badly.  So, why not?  Hopefully it works so I don't have to keep spraying the shoes down.  

So, here's some of the different uses that I found online for baking soda. I took them straight from the pages. Just click on the links to get more detailed information.  Have fun!

11 Unusual Uses for Coffee Filters: (This one has pictures if you are a visual person)
  1. Bowl Cover
  2. Cleaning
  3. Nail Polish Remover
  4. Protect China
  5. Filter
  6. Apply Shoe Polish
  7. Prevent Odors
  8. Make Tea
  9. Spoon Rest
  10. Bowl
  11. Disposable Snack Bowl
25 Frugal Uses for the Humble Coffee Filter

  1. Cover bowls or dishes when cooking in the microwave
  2. Clean window, mirrors and chrome (This is funny because we used coffee filters to clean at the Dunkin Donuts that I worked at)
  3. Protect china
  4. Filter wine when breaking the cork
  5. Protect a cast-iron skillet
  6. Apply shoe polish
  7. Recycle frying oil
  8. Weigh chopped foods
  9. Hold tacos
  10. Stop the soil from leaking out of a plant pot
  11. Prevent popsicles from dripping everywhere
  12. Wax eyebrows
  13. Soak up grease
  14. Razor nick fixers
  15. Sewing backing
  16. Deodorizer
  17. Soup strainer
  18. Prevent spilling when adding fluids to your vehicle
  19. Spoon rest (I like this idea)
  20. Hold dry ingredients
  21. Wrap Christmas ornaments for storage
  22. Remove nail polish
  23. Sprout seeds
  24. Blotting paper for pressed flowers
  25. Disposable "snack bowl"

Removing a splinter

Splinters.  It's awful when it happens to you but it'seven worse when it happens to your child and you don't know what is the easiest method of removal.  One of the Supermoms posted a method that would be useful when dealing with splinters in children.  Baking soda is a pain-free method that can be used to remove splinters or even glass shard.  I'm sure some of you have had a splinter stuck in your skin before and it is not fun at all.  During my research, I came across other methods on splinter removal.  Who knew that things found in your own home could be used to remove splinters?  I didn't!  Here are several methods to safely and painlessly remove splinters.  

The following information was copied from

Hydrogen Peroxide. Cover the area where the splinter is with hydrogen peroxide. Often the splinter will come out within minutes.

* Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it on top of the splinter area. Cover it with a bandaid or other bandage and leave on overnight. You can also use a homemade paste of flour and water with a pinch of salt, making sure that the mixture is gooey and not runny.

* Take a whole egg and crack it (emptying the contents) so that only the shell remains. Place the inside (wet side) of the shell onto the splinter for a few minutes and the splinter should work its way far enough out till you can pick it right out.

* Place a piece of duct tape over the splinter and leave on for a half hour. Then slowly peel away. The splinter should come off with the tape.

* Put a piece of bread over the splinter and wrap a band-aid around it. Let it set overnight and the splinter may be drawn out and attached to the band-aid by morning. Another version of this remedy is to put a bit of milk on the bread.

* Before going to bed at night, place a very small piece of bacon fat on top of the splinter and cover with a bandaid. In the morning the splinter will usually have risen to the top where it can easily be removed.

* For thorns, use a piece of pantyhose to snag and pull them out. Works great for small thorns like those of cactus [needles].

Onion or tomato. Apply a slice of fresh onion or tomato to draw the splinter to the surface of the skin.

Honey is also effective to help the splinter be drawn to the surface. Apply honey to the area where the splinter is and see if it helps draw the splinter to the surface.

* When none of the above tips work to completely remove the splinter, you may need to resort to ice and tweezers. Apply ice to the area to numb the nerves and use a sterilized (by flame and/or rubbing alcohol) tweezers.z

Once the splinter has been removed, be sure to disinfect the area with hydrogen peroxide and then apply something with good antiseptic properties to prevent infection. A combination of colloidal silver and aloe works very well, as does tea tree oil. You can also cover the area with raw organic honey, which has superior antiseptic and healing properties. The best of all honeys is manuka honey. Raw organic honey, tea tree oil and colloidal silver are all very good items to keep around the house for natural health and healing.

Sources included:

Monday, May 20, 2013


Anyone fighting cancer is truly a warrior in my book.  It takes a lot to fight for your life, not knowing what will happen.  I read an article on a spectacular woman that overcame the fight and lives her days telling her survival story to give other people hope and inspiration. She had a baby, then got cancer.  Being sick is never fun when you have a new baby in your life, but she fought hard and made it to see her little girl grow up.  Her story is so amazing.  I am so glad that she is able to share her life with others to give them hope.

 I lost my cousin when she was 10 years old from leukemia.  I've lost other family members to other types of cancer, too.  Being the one on the outside looking in is difficult too, but what I have known is that the ones that have passed fought long and hard.  They did not give up, they tried to live their lives acting as if nothing was wrong with them.  They smiled through the pain, laughed through the struggles, and showed no fear.  When someone survives through cancer, it's truly a miracle that must be shared with others that are struggling or other people that have family or friends going through the battle.  Never give up hope, no matter what you are told.  In life, this is a lesson that life has unexpected turns and all you can do is make the best of it and live life to the fullest!  

Friday, May 10, 2013

This video really touched my heart because it shows all the sacrifices that a mother makes when she has a child to take care of.  It's all out of love.  I'm sure my son thinks the same way this kid thinks, "you wanna be just like me cuz you always do things I do!"  I still sacrifice a lot for my son and I don't regret any of those sacrifices.  I would do anything for him!  When you have a child, your needs come second because they are always first! 

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Some people may think that it's stupid when I use the word, "supermom" to describe myself.  The funny thing is that I'm not the only one that calls myself a Supermom every now and then!  It's a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction, something that some moms need to get through the crazy days.  Being a mom is definitely not an easy job!  It's a 24/7 job that you are stuck with for life!  Some people give up too easily on the job, some take it too lightly, and some actually put their whole heart in it, no matter how difficult it is!  Some mothers like me are single mothers.  Although I have a boyfriend that helps me raise my son as if he was his own, I still consider myself a single parent because I am the main biological parent that has supported my son from the very beginning!  

From the minute I found out that I was pregnant, I paved a good path for my son.  I took on a full-time job as a Human Resources Manager and kept that job until I realized that I really was raising my son on my own!  Although some people thought that I was completely foolish to demote myself from FT HR manager to PT bakery clerk, I stood by my decision because it meant that I would be spending more time with my son, which is exactly what he needed!  Before my son turned a year old, that's when I made the change.  I made more time for him and I felt like I was being a better mom by giving him my time more than my money. Lucky for me, my parents helped me financially from afar so that I could give my son more mommy-son time.  Not only did I gain more precious moments with my son, but I also gained a skill from the PT position that I took.  Baking skills were the best thing that I learned from it all!  I've made my son's birthday cake since he was 2 years old.  Sometimes, I'd have him help me decorate cupcakes and cookies.  All children need is quality time with their parents.  Money can't buy love.  

Speaking of time, I feel bad sometimes for working and going to school, but I try to work my schedule around his.  Sometimes work wants me to give them more time, but in reality, my son is the one that deserves more attention.  I trained myself to only do homework once my son is in bed because he's always showing me things that he makes for me.  Lately, he wants to read to me before bedtime.  Those moments are the memories that I want to keep forever.  I am so glad that I've tried my best to give my son some attention.  Although there can be some frustrating times, I just need to take a deep breathe and realize that he's giving me all that attention because he truly loves me.  Over the last couple weeks, with quizzes and papers and finals, I've managed to still give my son the love he needs.  I'm so proud of myself this semester because I feel like I'm finally finding that balance in my life where everything feels so smooth flowing.  The reward that I get for being a mom is priceless, hugs, kisses and homemade gifts every day.  I don't ask for presents, but my son brings something home from school just for me every time I pick him up.  Sometimes, when I work late, I come home to a cute little note or art project that says, "I love you, mom."  It melts my heart to see little things like that and I forget all the stress from earlier.  

I'm not saying that a Supermom has to do everything that I do: work, go to school, and care for my child.  Any mom that gives her children undivided attention is a Supermom.  Military wives are constantly doing everything for their family, especially during deployments.  I have a cousin and friends that are so strong for their kids when their husbands are gone for long period of time.  That strength is power.  I give all those military moms so much credit for their strength and courage.  To the single moms that are playing mommy AND daddy, you are the best thing in your child's life!  You give twice the amount of love because you are making up for the other parent.  If you feel like crying, you don't show it.  You just put on that brave face and show them you love them more than anything in the world.  Some mothers have to work to support their kids, and sometimes it is a sacrifice of long hours and time away from your kids, but you do it because you HAVE to.  Some moms choose to go to school to give their children a better life.  No matter what, every kind of mom has a quality in them that makes them a Supermom because at the end of the day, they do anything and everything to make their children feel loved, protected, and taken care of.  

With mothers day coming up, I think of all the moms out there that have gone through the different struggles in life while putting on that brave face just for their children.  Life isn't easy.  Being a mom isn't just a job.  It's a lifestyle that you choose since the beginning.  Sometimes your happiness comes second, but in the end, it's all worth it.  So, all you moms out there, when you feel like you just want to give up, look into your children's eyes and see that you are their inspiration, role model, and teacher.  They need you in their lives to show them the way.  Behind every amazing child is an amazing mother.  Show the world that you are a Supermom and you are proud to be one!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spring Semester 2013 has come to an end

This semester is finally over!  Yay!  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!  Made some new friends that I hope to see around next semester.  Now that I'm done with my Spring Semester courses, I can focus only on my son and work.  It might seem like a small break, but for this mama, it's a HUGE break!  No more worrying about homework to finish, papers to write, quizzes and tests to cram for, and taking the bus on time.  This semester really built up my confidence in my career choice in Journalism.  I am always so hard on myself, thinking that I could have done better in my work, but the grades I received were really good.  My writing has improved a lot since the I got back into school after having my son.  This week wasn't as stressful as I thought it would be.  I mean, I did stress a bit, but I had more confidence in myself than I ever did before.  I think I am ready to to take more classes each semester so that I can challenge myself more and most importantly, so I can graduate soon!  I get so discouraged when I hear everyone graduating because I can only handle 2 classes per semester with work and a child.  This semester really made me think that I can take on one or two more classes.  I'm excited that it's finally my summer break but at the same time, I'm also excited to start my summer classes in July so that I can learn more about my career!  Call me a dork or a passionate student who loves to learn, but I feel like I'm a couple steps closer to that goal I call a degree.  

I like to dream big.  
To dream to succeed.  
So, when I succeed, 
I can also inspire.

Never give up.
The end is not so far.
Each day is a step closer
to happiness and success.

Failure is not an option.
Learn from your mistakes.
There is no wrong turn in life
when everything can be fixed.

Your life is in your own hands
to mold into brilliance.
So, it's never too late
because any goal is reachable.

I am inspired by others
by their success.
So, in turn, I choose
to desire to inspire.

-Jackie Taco2

Monday, May 6, 2013


While I was putting together my e-portfolio for class, I came across some old videos of my son from when he was little.  Such precious memories.  I know that the quality was poor because I caught the videos on an old phone, but every memory counts.  I can watch it or even look at an old picture and remember that exact moment.  Kids grow up so fast.  For the new parents out there, cherish every second with your baby because they grow up too fast before your very eyes!

Bry on sit and spin- Sept. 11, 2008

Bry's nose- Sept. 11, 2008

Bryant's Magic Trick- Dec 14, 2009
(You have to open this in a new tab)

Bye camera! -March 8, 2010

Bryant and his Legos- Oct. 13, 2011

Cheese- Feb 16, 2012

Reading- May 2, 2013

Summer Fun

This week is finals week and everyone is anxious to get to summer break already.  So, my last post shall be about different shots and drinks that you can make to celebrate the summer!  Summer is about having fun while school is out!  For those of you that are taking summer school, take at least one day to enjoy yourself, whether if it's having a drink, a good cup of coffee, reading a good book, or just a walk along the beach!  I know that's I'm a student, employee, and a mother, but everyone deserves to have a little fun every now and then!  Young or old, enjoy life to the fullest and don't take anything for granted!  I hope that everyone has a great summer and a great year!

Never too late to change your life

Being a college student
In today's day in age, I can look at a classroom and see people of all age groups and ethnic backgrounds from different locations from all over the world.  In my core classes, I remember being either the oldest or one of the top three oldest in the classroom.  It was the weirdest feeling in the world, and it was a funny experience too when people would think that I was lying about my age.  I guess I look younger than my real age.  Being around younger people was somewhat intimidating for me because I had to get back into the groove of being a college student after being out of school for 6 years.

Balancing my many lives

While I attended college, I was a full-time employee at Longs Drugs.  Don't forget the fact that I'm a full-time mother.  My son was just starting preschool when I started school so it wasn't too bad for me.  Going to school wasn't easy but it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be when I finally got back into my passion, writing.  When my son started Kindergarten, my life become more challenging.  I realized that I had to cut down on work to be able to study for school, and I had to learn how to balance my schoolwork around helping my son with his homework.  Every day felt like I had double the amount of homework, mine and my son's.  Then, I started getting phone calls and notes from my son's teacher telling me that my son might have behavior problems.  That was the most heartbreaking news I ever had because I wasn't sure how I was going to handle my son's behavior and focus on my schoolwork.  Eventually, I got my son tested and found him a holistic doctor, the answer to my prayers without the harshness of strong drugs like Ritalin and Adderall.
Slowly, over the past few years, I've learned how to do the balancing act and the importance of my priorities.  I realized that I was going to school to give my son a better life with a career that I would enjoy.  My son's health and happiness should come before everything else.  I started working at Target as a seasonal worker and liked it so much that I quit Longs Drugs.  The managers were very supportive of my college career and were even more understanding of my life as a single mom.  When it comes to making life work the way you want it, it's actually about making all aspects of your life to complement one another and to balance each other out.  Now, I work part-time at Target on the weekends and around my college classes.  Work and college revolve around my son's busy schedule.

Love and relationships

Looking back at my life, I might have had some struggles in life, but I chose to make it all work out.  I'm so fortunate to have a boyfriend that supports me and chose to move back to Hawaii with me and my son.  Without him, I don't know how I would get through each day without him holding my hand when I feel stressed out.  What I learned from my relationships is that you choose who you want to be with.  If you are in an abusive or complicated relationship, don't ever feel trapped.  That's how I felt when I was with my son's biological father.  I chose to move far away from Hawaii and I chose to be with someone that got too comfortable with my kindness and took advantage of me and my money.  I don't know why it took me so long to realize it but when I finally saw the light, it was almost too late.  I was pregnant and worked 2-3 jobs at the time.  All my friends were co-workers that soon became like a second family to me.  They all told me that I was too good to be with my son's father, it got me thinking a lot.  I had sleepless nights and long hours of work, but I managed to eat healthy for my son's sake.  My life went from taking care of myself to taking care of the living being that I carried inside of me.  Thank goodness my friends and co-workers took good care of me when the father of my child was out and about getting in trouble and making me worry into the late mornings.  I had a suspicion that I was being cheated on but I refused to find the truth because I wanted to give my child a complete family instead of a broken home.  Two months before my due date, I found out the truth and met "the other girl" that he was dating while he was dating me.  It was the most heartbreaking news but it was the beginning of tip of my moment of breaking free.

I finally confronted what I now call my "sperm donor" and everything just went from bad to worse from that moment.  I'm embarrassed to mention that I had multiple restraining orders put on him and stupidly took them off more than enough times.  The other girl and I got into verbal fights over the phone and MySpace because we were too naive to see that it was completely his fault for the mess that we were in.  All the stress from the fights and heartache put me into labor a month early.  On December 9, 2006, my beautiful baby was born.  I was in the hospital with my ex's mother because my ex refused to get up to go to the hospital with me.  I went in at 4am and finally gave birth around 10pm.  My ex arrived after I gave birth and didn't have anything nice to say to me when he saw my face.  I remember it was something like, "Thanks for f***ing calling me when my son was born."  I should have realized from that moment that he would never put himself before our son.  I still tried to believe that he changed and was with me and my son, but he was still dating me and the other girl.  As I watched my son grow, I realized that my son and I didn't deserve the inattention and inconsistency that he was giving us.  The day that I broke up with him was a scary but revitalizing moment.  I had some great friends that kept telling me how smart I was and how great I would be as a single mom.  They taught me independence and made me realize that I needed to give my son a better life.  Before my son turned a year old, my ex went to jail and I felt like my life changed for the better from that moment on.

I was single for two months or so and I just tried to enjoy my life as a single mother while enjoying my friends and single life.  My life was so much better than the past five years that I had crying over as stupid relationship where I wasn't respected or loved.  When I finally met my current boyfriend, I didn't expect to fall in love with anyone.  I had to relearn how to trust anyone else with my heart again.  When he took me out and paid for my food, I was in complete shock because I was so used to being the one to pay for everything else.  It felt so good to have kisses that felt like they really meant something.  Not only did he treat me like a princess, he showed me that it is possible for another guy to love me AND my son.  The lesson learned from this experience is that you CAN change your life no matter how rough it is.  Don't ever feel stuck because you can always get out of anything that doesn't make you happy.

Consequences of bad relationships:
I went through more than enough phones because my ex broke so many out of anger and stupidity.  My car had to be fixed several times because of broken windshields, a ruined stereo system, and even slashed tires.  The doors and walls in every place that I lived left bad memories of my past because of the holes that were made by his fists.  I cringe at the memories of him pushing me on the floor and spitting at me, or the night that he held me up by my throat.  I could have died if I didn't try to cooperate with his anger issues.  My wallet suffered enough from the stupidity of helping my ex when I was trying to be nice but in reality he was just taking advantage of my kindness.  The worst part of being in that relationship was the fact that my heart was broken in a million pieces over and over again.  I felt like he had pure joy making me worry and cry every single day.  What is more horrifying is the fact that all these occurrences happened when I was pregnant and worse, after my son was born!  I never wish any of these things on anyone else.  Sadly, I've heard about things similar to my situations happened to the two other girls that he got pregnant after me.

After all the harsh things that I went through, I've learned to grow up my weaknesses to become a stronger and smarter women and mother.  I've actually become friends with the girl that he was cheating on me with because he later treated her badly.  I'm glad that she is with someone else that respects her because she, too, was disrespected .  She applauds at my strength to leave him and my success in giving my son a better life.

I get along with the mother of his second child because she went through worse than I did.  She had to get a restraining order on him before her daughter turned a year old.  Such a scary thought knowing what my ex is capable of and hearing that he abused another girl.  I chose to keep in touch with this other girl because I want my son to know his sister, who was not mentioned to him until she was born.  It's not the kids fault that their father is a horrible person and an even worse parent.

Change is good:
The best lesson in life is that it's never too late to change your life.  Do you know who is in complete control of your life?  YOU!  Believe it or not, someone else cannot make you stay in that abusive relationship.  If you have a chance to get out, please do!  If you have children involved, it's best to take them out of the abuse before they get hurt too!  When you give 200% in a relationship and they don't give even 50% and just keep taking advantage of you, it's not worth the tears in the end.

When you are in school, no matter what grade you are in, it's entirely up to you whether you want to succeed or fail.  If you choose to slack off, it leads to more stress in the end.  Rather than relying on others in life, rely on yourself first.  Don't try to change other people because only they can change themselves.

If you are given an opportunity to make your life and/or your children's lives better, take that chance because you have nothing to lose!  Why wouldn't you want your life or your children's to be amazing?  When you're a parent, you need to put your children first because they are the future.  Don't give up on life because things can always turn around for the better.  Always look at the positive in life because it will get your further than you could possibly imagine.  If something breaks you down, learn from it and help it make you stronger.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pinterest- DIY guide

For those of you who don't know what Pinterest is, it's pretty much a lifesaver for people that want advice on cooking, baking, cleaning, how to dress, how to plan your wedding, and more!  One of my friends sent me a request and I was hooked.  It's so funny pinning pins to the different boards that I created: Breakfast, Crockpot Recipes, Home Stuff, Future Wedding Ideas, etc.  I admit that I started off as one of those people that just kept pinning pins for hours but once I actually tried some recipes and do-it-yourself ideas, I look to Pinterest as the place to go to help my mommy skills.  I have never made recipes from scratch until I discovered Pinterest.  The simple recipes have made my family love my cooking even more now that I've learned to make food like homemade waffles and pumpkin chocolate muffins.  Besides recipes, the DIY ideas that I've used are pretty helpful too!  I didn't know that baking soda could be used for many things.  I even found an all natural cold remedy.  Pinterest is also helpful for my son's ADHD because I have to keep him away from foods and drinks with color dyes.  Just when I thought I was stuck, I found a whole new world of ideas.  For expectant mothers and future brides, Pinterest helps you plan the perfect nursery, wedding, and birthday parties!  I actually used Pinterest to make the best LEGO birthday party for my son!  So, if you haven't discovered Pinterest by now, please take a look at it!  Best website and app ever!  All my friends and family love it and I'm sure you will too!

Homemade cough and decongestion remedy

Best shadow performance I've ever seen

I have a friend that likes to look up videos on YouTube and then send them to me at random times at night.  One night, she sent me a link to this shadow performance.  It was entertaining, inspiring, and heart warming.  It's one of those videos that you have to watch from beginning to end because it's just so amazing.  When people use their own bodies to create art, it's just an inspirational sight.  These people must be so talented to come up with a vision of this and being able to present the vision.  I wonder how long it took for them to get it to this perfection.  This video made me realize that our own bodies are works of art.