Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pinterest- DIY guide

For those of you who don't know what Pinterest is, it's pretty much a lifesaver for people that want advice on cooking, baking, cleaning, how to dress, how to plan your wedding, and more!  One of my friends sent me a request and I was hooked.  It's so funny pinning pins to the different boards that I created: Breakfast, Crockpot Recipes, Home Stuff, Future Wedding Ideas, etc.  I admit that I started off as one of those people that just kept pinning pins for hours but once I actually tried some recipes and do-it-yourself ideas, I look to Pinterest as the place to go to help my mommy skills.  I have never made recipes from scratch until I discovered Pinterest.  The simple recipes have made my family love my cooking even more now that I've learned to make food like homemade waffles and pumpkin chocolate muffins.  Besides recipes, the DIY ideas that I've used are pretty helpful too!  I didn't know that baking soda could be used for many things.  I even found an all natural cold remedy.  Pinterest is also helpful for my son's ADHD because I have to keep him away from foods and drinks with color dyes.  Just when I thought I was stuck, I found a whole new world of ideas.  For expectant mothers and future brides, Pinterest helps you plan the perfect nursery, wedding, and birthday parties!  I actually used Pinterest to make the best LEGO birthday party for my son!  So, if you haven't discovered Pinterest by now, please take a look at it!  Best website and app ever!  All my friends and family love it and I'm sure you will too!

Homemade cough and decongestion remedy

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