Thursday, July 11, 2013

Halfway through my hectic summer

It's been a while since I've written in this blog.  The first half of this summer was actually busy for me and my son.  When it wasn't busy, I felt like I was catching up on sleep.  When I say sleep, I mean sleep that was much needed months ago.

My son started karate as the school year ended and he is doing very well in class.  I am so proud of him.  The only issue is that I can't be present in class while he is learning because he feels the need to look over, which then leads to him getting distracted.  For a child that has ADHD and ODD, distractions come easily.  It's tough knowing that my presence can be a distraction, but I leave in order for him to succeed.  It reminds me of when my mom used to watch and criticize me when I played piano.  Unfortunately, I chose not to continue playing piano because I felt like I never had alone time to practice.  Hula, on the other hand, used to be a passion for me, but when it came to recitals, my mom used to tell me that I didn't smile enough or shake my hips enough.  I guess I don't like criticism from my own mom but I will gladly take criticism from my instructors.  It is so funny mentioning criticism because my son always asks me how he is doing.  I always told myself that I would not judge the way my son does things and so far the encouragement has made him more confident in his creative work.  While my son has been learning karate this summer, I took up baking and decorating cakes once again.

This summer has made me realize that I like to show my talents through my work rather than performing in front of an audience.  I feel like the oddball in the family, but I can't always be the same as everyone else.  My cousins enjoy doing musical performances such as singing, dancing and playing musical instruments.  I would rather show my talents through my writing and baking/decorating skills.

Half the summer has passed and I just started summer school.  I am taking a writing and media class, both of which I am excited to take because it is a combination of writing and creating artistic work.  All the work will be crammed into 7-8 weeks but I am up for the challenge because I am determined to graduate next year.  It is frustrating trying to work and go to school while taking care of a 6-year-old but I have to do what I can to survive the craziness and give my son the best life possible.

I hope that I survive through this summer session because it brings me closer to my goal to graduate.

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