Monday, June 10, 2013

Cake decorating: my fun hobby

I recently started making cakes again and I realized how much fun it is no matter how late and how much hours I put into making a cake!  I have even tried out different buttercream frosting recipes and learned how to bake sturdier cakes!  I'm so impressed with myself and impressed my family!  It's so exciting to get back into a hobby again.

I've gotten some requests for cakes and I will try my best!  I'm a total perfectionist so every cake I make is never good enough for myself.  Here's to a possible future in a cake business!

I even recruited my cousins and niece this past week to help me make my niece's birthday cake!  So much easier having help but the bonding time was more rewarding. <3  My niece made the instruments.  Good to know that I've taught the young ones something new!  

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