Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Breastfeeding vs. formula

Have you seen this commercial?  It's a diaper commercial but most people might look at it as a commercial about breastfeeding in public.  I would consider myself the first time mom because I did not become comfortable feeding in public, but every mom is different.  There has always been the debate about whether breastfeeding in public is appropriate or not, but one day, I came across a friend's Facebook post of someone else's opinion about breastfeeding vs. formula feeding.  Here is what was written, word for word:

"I am so sick of self righteous parents who go on about breast is best. Personally I think its just being cheap. My 14mth old dd receives the BEST formula out there regardless of the cost. Scientists have taken years to perfect baby formulas. There is clearly more nutritional value to formula than breast milk I mean just look at the ingredients on the tin. You can't guarantee that all breastfeeding mothers are eating healthy. if they go and have a junk food binge are the required nutrients going through to the baby. I think not!!! My child is receiving the best regardless of what I eat."

Honestly, I completely disagree with this person's opinion.  What I don't like about this person's comments about breastfeeding is that they try to write as if they are writing facts instead of opinions by bringing up how scientists have tried to perfect baby formulas.  Today, formula is not exactly cheap, but that does NOT mean that mothers that choose to breastfeed are cheap for not giving their babies formula.  I believe that the reason scientists are trying to perfect baby formulas are to make it as similar to the nutrients that breast milk has to offer.  I don't have anything against mothers that give formula to their babies.  Some mothers aren't able to breastfeed and some mothers have to give their babies specific types of milk.  I think that what this woman wrote is just unbelievable and obnoxious.  Mothers don't breastfeed because they are cheap, and I also believe that mothers that feed their babies formula aren't giving their children a better nutritional value.  I think every mom has her preference and is entitled to her own choices and opinions.  I think there is no wrong answer but the only thing that I worry about formulas is that there have been recent recalls on certain baby formulas.  Nothing is more natural that breast milk but if a mother is unable to give her child that, then there should be nothing against her choice.  I actually had to give my son both breast milk AND formula because I wasn't producing milk fast enough and my son was always hungry!  So, my opinions come from experience and I don't judge another person's choice, but today, I decided to judge this woman's choice of words and how she acts like breastfeeding is when mothers are just cheap and selfish when in reality, breastfeeding is more work and more time for a mother because she is the direct source of the milk.  So, whether you decide to give your children breast milk or formula, do what YOU feel is right for YOU AND YOUR BABY, but don't try to put down someone else's decision.

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