Monday, January 28, 2013

Keep in touch!

 In today's society, there is no excuse for being able to keep in touch with people.  The different types of social media and technological devices allow people to communicate in various ways.  I have two best friends and they live on the mainland and we all communicate on a daily basis.  In the past, long distance relationships had limited ways of communicating such as writing letters through the postal mail or calling on the phones.  Today, people have cell phones that they carry on them every day.  If you can't talk on the phone, you can text someone or even email them.  People today are able to communicate with one another, even if it isn't directly.  I have friends that are military wives and they use Skype with their husbands when they are stationed outside of the United States.  Technology has opened up many different options for keeping in touch.  One day, I thought about the different ways I could contact a friend.  I texted her cell phone when I woke up, sent her some pictures through Facebook, emailed her some websites I wanted to share with her, and then called her to see how she was doing.  We laughed about it because there really is no excuse for people not keeping in touch.  In fact, our sons keep in touch with Skype and like to send each other drawings and they are both under the age of seven.  As more social media gets introduced to us, we have no excuse for keeping in touch with others.  So, if you say you want to be my friend and you want to keep in touch, you have more than enough ways to do so.


  1. Hey I definitely agree with you and what you are sting and I'm not just saying that for class. There really has been a change in what we do as far as communicating with others around us near and far. You have brought a great point.

  2. Hi jackie! Same here, as you already know through my posts on FB! Lol. My best friend, other close friends, and the other half lives on the mainland as well. There's definitely no excuses to not keep in touch with friends and family from all over the world. I hope that one day, we (including third world countries) could have these resources open. Sometimes, I feel like we take it for granted. We think that we really could connect with everyone all over the world, but the truth of the matter is that we can't. Others aren't even aware of the existence of cellphones :( Despite it all, we have it. Might as well make the most of it!