Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The only wish that I can't grant

These last few days have been tough on me.  My son's ADHD and ODD conditions have been worse because I think he has anxiety from all the new beginning and stress.  I have always said that I can give my son everything from the moon and back, but I've finally hit a bump in the road.  I never thought there was something that I could not give my son, but it hurts me to finally find one.  You see, my son has decided that he wants a little brother or sister.  I'm not ready for another one just yet with my busy life with him and college, not to mention my boyfriend isn't ready either.  I tell him my son "no" and he gets all sad.  He tells me how badly he wants to have a little brother or sister and it kills me inside to tell him that I can't give him that.  At least, not yet.  I'm not ready.  For once, my needs come before my son's needs.  It hurts knowing that I can't grant this one wish.  I feel like my son is punishing me for not being able to give him what he wants.  Life isn't always fair.  It hurts making my son realize at a young age that mommy can't always give him everything.

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